Welcome to stay in any of two luxury villas with surf & yoga packages.

One is more about RETREAT and one is more about SURFING. You have the choice of staying in our lively, creative Surf House or our peaceful and secluded Nirbana Retreat.

It is your adventure, where you can jump in a Tuk Tuk and head out for a surf, stretch and reset in yoga, try a relaxing paddle around our river … or, simply sleep in and chill by the pool. We welcome solo travelers, adventure holidaymakers, and like-minded people who are searching for the perfect holiday that combines the best of yoga, surf, and paddleboarding without the typical strict guidelines you might find in most retreats in Sri Lanka. We run flexible arrival and departure times, enabling you to build your package to suit your schedule & length of stay; you might not want to leave, if we have room, you can simply add on, and continue to enjoy the Nirbana experience.

Nirbana Colonial Villa is nestled on Thalduwa Island, surrounded by a depth of nature, wildlife and unique river waterways that allow our guests to truly escape, with river views from the tropical garden and our private 25-meter swimming pool, will give you the time to rest, restore and feel totally blissed every night in one of our 10 luxury rooms.
Good Story Nirbana is a 12-room boutique hotel, with bar and restaurant, river views from the tropical garden, a private 25-meter swimming pool, that allow our guests to truly escape. Spirit of our villa will give you the time to rest, restore and feel totally blissed every night in one of our luxury rooms.
Booking a stay in one of the villas, you get access to all the features of our complex, such as retreat, surfing, wellness, activities and experiences. Some facilities are also available for outside guests.
This is what the NIRBANA RETREAT VILLA specializes in, which is designed for relaxation, solitude, tranquility and tranquility. Yoga classes and other options can be added to the accommodation package.
There are also special group classes that can be attended not only by hotel guests.
This is what GOOD STORY NIRBANA VILLA specializes in. This company has established itself as one of the best surf schools on the island. They are also famous for the fact that for many years they have been gathering a unique community of creative people around them. Therefore, this villa is filled with a fun atmosphere, music, sports, activities and afternoon brunches.
We are pleased to provide you with a wide range of activities, entertainment, interesting events and ideas for a pleasant stay in several categories. Some of them can be added to your booking, some are open to the public, some will take place on certain days of the year.
At nirbana we offer classes and healing treatments which we can seamlessly curate into your stay or visit with us. We even offer one to one tailored healing journeys hosted by our team of international practitioners on site.
Every day something happens on the territory of the complex. We have compiled a schedule of events, which you can find below.
Our experiences from tea plantation visits, Sri Lankan cooking classes and the historical Galle Fortress will leave you feeling like you’ve really dived into the history and rich culture of this beautiful country.
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Events, classes, activities, and much more in our daily schedule. Add to your travel package or enjoy on arrival!
Pre booking is required.
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  • 6 AM - 7.30 AM - Sunrise SUP board trip at Nirbana Retreat Villa
  • 8 AM - 9.30 AM - Yoga Classes at Good Story Villa
  • 10 AM - 4 PM - Massage at Good Story Villa
  • 4 PM - 6 PM - Surf Lessons at Good Story Villa
  • 8 PM - 9.30 PM - Movie Evening at Good Story Villa
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Feedbacks from our guests
  • Sarah Lewin
    Amazing place ! I suggest anyone ! Is a place with a special energy and really well designed! 
  • Samuel Willson
    Amazing place, lovely staff, amazing food, will be happy to come here one more time.
  • Alex Larkins
    Excellent place to spend your vacation, close to the beach with the tropical green nature.
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Nirbana, Duwa Estate, Henawathatha, Talduwa, Ahangama, 80650, Sri Lanka